I prepar my original software "Hyper MIDI Lesson" here.

This version is use for Japanese school.
The software is use for 6 ensemble-organ with MIDI.
In this version you should use Hyper Card stacks for each classes and you can mannage enough 7 groups on 1 card.
The card has general sequencer and 7 independent sequencers and enough 40 personal sequencers at a time.
This trial was demonstrated at IBO elemental school in Hyogo prefecture 1993.

If you can fortunatly understand Japanese, please download the manual here
The referencial book is "YASASHII computer KATUYOUHOU " Hiroshi Suzuki,Ongaku-no-Tomo co.1995.

HyperMIDI Lesson
There are some Japanese school music only by using"Hyper MIDI Lesson"from Kyougei-Company's Music text book. If you want to archive them click here and expand them.

The copy right of the pieces are belong to Kyougei-Company. Then the MIDI Files are not Standard MIDI File format. I made them in a special format only readable by "Hyper MIDI Lesson".

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